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Lynn, MA legal expertise

A diligent full-service law firm backed by over thirty years of experience.

Mason Law Firm in Lynn, MA
As your attorney, you will not be alone. The Mason Law Firm will be there with you from the inception to the conclusion of legal matters.

Since 1996, Mason Law Firm has provided Lynn, MA and Boston's North Shore area with licensed and practicing attorneys.

Our law practice provides guidance in the preparation of estate planning documents, such as trusts, wills and living wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, real estate, contracts, personal injury law, and consumer protection matters.

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General Legal Practice Areas
Learn more about our firm's areas of expertise.

We represent clients in Lynn, MA and beyond—across a wide range of practice areas. Mason Law Firm provides diligent attention to detail and decades of expertise to our clients in the legal areas that matter the most. Get peace of mind with the following legal services.

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    Estate Planning and Wills

    Provide for your loved ones and safeguard your final wishes with our estate planning and will services.

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    Exercise unparalleled control over your assets and minimize estate taxes with myriad additional benefits for your loved ones and beneficiaries.

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    Powers of Attorney

    Get convenience and security by providing power of attorney to a trusted individual to act on your behalf in certain matters.

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    Health Care Proxies

    Ensure your medical wishes are carried out by designating a health care proxy who can act in your interests.

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    Living Wills

    Designate life-saving treatments you do and don't want to be used in case of accident or illness.

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    Estate Administration

    After a loved one passes away, we provide expert estate administration to handle final affairs.

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    Real Estate

    Get expertly prepared documents for transferring ownership of property with total peace of mind.

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    Personal Injury

    Get the settlement you need to cover your medical bills, expenses, and pain and suffering after an accident.

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    Get peace of mind and security with contracts prepared with diligent attention to detail.

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    Small Business Matters

    You don't need all the answers as a small business owner when you work with experienced attorneys.

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    Consumer Protection Law

    Get an advocate against defective products and fraudulent business practices.

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    Licensed Real Estate Broker

    We provide expert oversight for residential and commercial property transactions.

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